The Rules of Battle Have Changed.
Gain Control. Dare to Win.

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Loyalty & Faction Wars

Win with your favorite Mythology.

Gain reputation and prove yourself worthy.

Influence the warfare by participating in the Faction Wars.

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Hundreds of units and spells to match your playstyle and strategy.


With 8 Mythologies and multiple leaders for each,
the path to glory has never been more intense.

You enjoy surprising the enemy. Using a variety of spells and effects, your tricks often leave opponents unprepared and vulnerable. Pledge to the Greek Mythology and use the cunning tactics of Hellas to outwit your foes!
You seek strength in numbers. Frequently attacking with multiple units, there are not many who can survive your onslaught. Pledge to the Norse Mythology and raid your opponent's Temples with an army of Vikings at your side!
You like big and powerful units. Investing heavily in fewer, stronger attackers, you are able to initiate devastating attacks that can overwhelm groups of enemies. Pledge to the Japanese Mythology and challenge the balance of power with the code of Bushido!
You don't care about your units. They are replaceable as anything else in life. You are ready to sacrifice them and gain unmatched power. Pledge to the MesoAmerican Mythology and foretell your opponent's doom on the Tzolk'in!




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