The Rules of Battle Have Changed.
Gain Control. Dare to Win.

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Loyalty & Faction Wars

Win with your favorite Mythology.

Gain reputation and prove yourself worthy.

Influence the warfare by participating in the Faction Wars.


Hundreds of units and spells to match your playstyle and strategy.


With 8 Mythologies and multiple leaders for each,
the path to glory has never been more intense.


You like to play the tricky one. All those spells hiding in your hand and the trojan horses on the battlefield. Bind to the Greek mythology and show your opponent that brute force is easily crushed by powerful mind.

Leader Zeus

"Pedestal: The first Curse you play each turn returns to your hand and gets Ethereal"


Now this is what you call strength. Relying on heavy attacks with multiple units there are not many foes that stand a chance. Bind to the Norse mytholgoy and win all your attacks with ease.

Leader Odin

"Pedestal: When you win attack with 2 or more attackers, all your units gain +1 power."


You like the big powerful attacks that destroy your enemies without hesitation. If honor is deep into your hand and you have the affection for strange creatures then it is time to bind to the Japanese mythology.

Leader Amaterasu

"Pedestal: The first unit you play each round with a unique trait gains 1 Endurance"



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